Restaurant Cleaning

Kaspar's chemical-free green cleaning option using a Dupray Steam Cleaner

See Dupray products in action below, and learn how we use them to clean your restaurant:

Kaspar Cleaning Services specializes in conducting a meticulous deep cleaning of your dining area, server area, and kitchen to pass a health inspection by performing these cleaning services:

  • Hard surface floor cleaning and maintenance
  • Vacuum carpets, upholstery, and walk on mats.
  • Routine scheduled carpet extraction cleaning.
  • Interior glass cleaning.
  • Routine scheduled exterior window cleaning.
  • Front of house dusting of ledges, windowsills and other surfaces that collect dust.
  • Methodically remove grime along the edges of the front of house floors.
  • Spot clean high-touch areas on walls throughout the foodservice establishment.
  • Clean low-level fixtures.
  • Perform a monthly dusting of elevated fixtures, including piping, fans, lights and vents.
  • A complete detailing of washrooms, tiles, disinfecting partitions and walls.
  • Clean and disinfect the toilets and urinals.
  • Remove uric acid on porcelain.
  • Clean and disinfect all sinks, faucets, and counters.
  • Remove all limescale.
  • Clean and disinfect all door handles and light switches.
  • Polish all mirrors.
  • Shine all chrome.
  • Spot clean cabinetry and shelves.
  • Replenish all customer supplied consumables.
  • Clean all baseboards, corners and behind toilets.
  • Thoroughly clean the server food pick up area.
  • Meticulously clean the kitchen hood, wall, floor tiles and hard to reach areas behind equipment.
  • Diligently clean under kitchen equipment and other tight areas.
  • Methodically remove grime along the edges of the kitchen floor.
  • Carefully disassemble, clean, sanitize, rinse, and reassemble grinders or other food processing equipment.
  • Dusting and cleaning offices, boardrooms, common work areas, and storage areas
  • Day Portering.
  • Any other request. 

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