The Kaspar Difference

Other Cleaning Companies

Many cleaning companies employ minimum wage employees resulting in employee absenteeism and frequent cleaner turnover that leads to poorly trained cleaners new to your workplace and frequently miss cleaning tasks in your workplace.

The Kaspar Difference

Kaspar cleaning associates earn more than a living wage resulting in virtually no turnover. Kaspar cleaning associates are trained, experienced, reliable individuals who enjoy cleaning your workplace for a living. Kaspar permanently assigns cleaning associates to your account. The result is your workplace is Kaspar Clean!

Should you choose the lowest quote?

Other Cleaning Companies

Most cleaning companies are in a race to the bottom price underestimating on purpose the time required to clean each cleaning task needed to make you happy with their service. Their quote is short on detail and the time necessary to clean each job in your workplace to provide the lowest price quote and tie you into a multi-year contract.

Their cleaners cut corners because the cleaning company cannot afford to spend the required time to clean your workplace correctly. The result is you become unhappy with their service.

The Kaspar Difference

As a trained engineer, Acey Kaspar realized to keep an account long term, the work must be appropriately done and yet meet your cleaning budget.

To inform you, he developed not just a quote, but also a FREE written detailed cleaning maintenance plan with all the cleaning tasks we will provide customized to your workplace. More importantly, each job has the time required to accomplish each cleaning task, allowing Kaspar to provide you with an accurate quote to achieve a professional cleaning of your workplace.

We ask to meet you a second time and go over the detailed cleaning plan and together add or subtract tasks until the program meets your cleaning budget.

Kaspar does not cut corners – We clean corners.

We do not require you to sign a multi-year contract. We earn your business every time we clean.

View a sample detailed cleaning plan that you will receive FREE with no obligation.

Other Cleaning Companies

When you have a concern about the job the cleaners are, doing improperly there is no direct contact to resolve your cleaning concern.

The Kaspar Difference

Assigned to your account, a client service manager makes regular quality control inspections, and contacts clients to provide follow-up to maintain the highest level of service and guaranteed customer satisfaction. The client service manager responds to any concern you may have and immediately resolves your concerns.

The client service manager's job is to make you happy with our service.

The Kaspar Difference

Ask About our Eco-Friendly Green, Housekeeping Program.

For workplaces that want only certified green cleaning products used, Kaspar will implement a certified green cleaning plan for your workplace.

The Kaspar Difference

Does your Workplace want to reach the Goal of Zero Waste?

Today, many workplaces realize to attract talented employees and clients they have to develop a sustainable environmentally friendly business model.

Kaspar will conduct a waste audit of your garbage and work with you to find sustainable solutions to reduce waste, reuse and recycle.

Kaspar's recycling programs help everyone learn to reduce the amount of trash they use.

Zero waste is within our reach.

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